Advantages of buying second hand industrial machines

Advantages of buying second hand industrial machines

Whether you are starting your project or have a consolidated company, buying second hand industrial machines can be a good way to reduce the risks and the invested capital. We know that beginnings usually generate uncertainty and many doubts, besides, consolidated companies can go through bad times.

There are many reasons why a machine is put up for sale after it has been used, from liquidation due to the closure of a workshop to recovering part of the investment to buy a newer model.

In this post we detail the main advantages of buying second hand industrial machines. If you have doubts about the used industrial machinery market, keep reading! It can be the push your project needs.

We tell you about the advantages of buying second-hand industrial machines

You are probably asking yourself: new or second hand? And what you are probably thinking about is the savings offered by the used machine. Well, good news! There are many more advantages.

Industrial machinery has a significant cost, due to the technology and volume of certain machines. However, thanks to the second-hand market you can find certain machines with very attractive discounts. This last point sometimes leads to the mistake of associating the purchase of second-hand machinery with poor quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before selling these machines, they are exhaustively inspected to check their correct operation.

In addition, something curious that many people are unaware of when buying second-hand machinery is that sometimes when buying the machine, very useful tools and accessories are included for use with it. Either to perform maintenance tasks or to check the workpiece.

Finally, if you are familiar with the industrial machinery sector, you will know that the delivery times of a second-hand machine are much shorter than those of new machinery. This provides a solution to many companies that cannot stop their activity for weeks, months or even years until they receive the new machine.

Used machines in best condition with 3 Axis Group

When making this type of purchase, it is important that you make it with qualified companies in the sector, with years of experience. Only in this way you can be sure that the machine you are going to buy is in good condition.

At 3Axis Group GmbH we work with machines of leading brands, we work safely in the purchase and sale of machines for the metal industry. Here are some of the advantages of buying used machinery with us:

Least Buying Cost

Although it is not the only advantage of buying second-hand machinery, it is the first one that comes to mind and it can be one of the most decisive. There are many factors that determine the price: number of axes, year of manufacture, hours of use, etc. However, many models are available for almost half the price.

Used Machine Holds Its Value

Within industrial machinery, devaluation is a major challenge. For this reason, we always recommend that you keep the machine in good condition and that you carry out the appropriate revisions. If you follow our advice there will be no problem to sell it in the future.

Nominal Lead Times

The used machinery is not only an advantage for emergency situations, as we have mentioned above, but also because it is in stock the wait from the time you close the deal until you get the machine is very short.

More Flexibility

Finally, another of the most important advantages that you have when buying second- hand machinery from us, is that we adapt to you. We will coordinate the delivery and if necessary the installation on the date you want.

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