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Do you want to optimize time and resources? With used CNC milling machines you can incorporate a quality tool with great performance into your work processes. Take a look at our online catalogue of milling machines to buy products with full guarantee.



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5-axis-milling machines / Milling machines


Horizontal milling machines / Milling machines



Milling machines / Vertical milling machines

DMG Mori

5-axis-milling machines / Milling machines

Deckel Maho

5-axis-milling machines / Milling machines

DMG Mori

5-axis-milling machines / Milling machines

Deckel Maho

5-axis-milling machines / Milling machines

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Milling machines / Vertical milling machines

Deckel Maho

Milling machines / Vertical milling machines


5-axis-milling machines / Milling machines

Get great precision in your metallurgical operations thanks to the used CNC milling machines of 3 Axis Group

CNC milling machines allow mechanizing operations on a large scale. Regardless of which sector you work in, the versatility of these machines guarantee a higher quality in your processes. Optimize your tasks with materials such as metal or aluminum with second hand milling machines for sale at 3 Axis.

The precision of CNC mills does not suffer from use. That’s why  you can buy a used milling machine worry-free. At 3 Axis Group we have many years of experience that allow us to select the best brands and suppliers for this online catalogue.

In addition, we offer a personalized advisory service so that you know which milling machine to buy according to the characteristics of your operations. We want to help you with the optimization of your processes and there is no better solution for it, than CNC milling machines.

What kind of milling machine do you need? Take a look at our catalogue

Thanks to the variety of brands and models that we lead at 3 Axis Group, you will find exactly what you need for your company. To help you in your search, you will find the most popular milling machines on the market below:

Horizontal milling machines

Increase your precision when working out grooves and notches with a machine with a horizontal axis. The machine has two support points to ensure stability and safety. It enables process automation that leads to higher productivity and better results. Great value for money for working with different materials.

Vertical milling machines

Get better performance with used vertical milling machines. As the name suggests, the axis is completely perpendicular to the table so that rotating parts can be used. High-precision drilling is achieved with the CNC technology, which can be set up quickly and easily. A good means of increasing productivity.

5-axis milling machines

Increase the quality of your parts with milling machines that sort really complex jobs. Instead of using several machines for different processes, you can use a 5-axis CNC machine to assign the entire processing to one and the same device (threads, grooves, engravings, etc.). Investing in a 5-axis milling machine is always a hit, as all processes are streamlined and result in savings in the medium and long term.

Discover all the advantages of a second hand milling machine

An investment of this kind naturally requires all of the guarantees that we at 3 Axis Group offer you. Our knowledge of the market allows us to only work with used milling machines that are in perfect condition.

As in other areas, you don’t need a new device to get the best possible performance. Milling machines that are in good condition can work just as well as new ones, and reduce the initial investment.

Incorporating a milling machine into your work enables greater precision and consequently better product quality. The fact that one employee can operate different machines at the same time not only increases the performance of each employee, but also of the company in general, which increases your profit margins and pays off your investment.

These type of milling machines can last for many years with little maintenance, so they are a worthwhile purchase in the long run. By improving your equipment, you get better results and at the same time, increase safety.

In short, on our website you will find used CNC milling machines with a 100% quality guarantee. Our goal is to make the experience of the 3 Axis Group available to you so that you can choose the product that best suits your needs and budget.

Contact us and we will inform you without obligation about the best milling machines on the market.