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Are you looking for a used machine of the brand DMG MORI for your factory or workshop? Whether you need a lathe or a milling machine from this prestigious brand, at 3Axisgroup we have a wide catalogue of second-hand DMG Mori machines in perfect condition and with the most attractive prices for you.

Take a look at our catalogue and find the machine that best suits your needs.


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Find your used DMG MORI: the leading international brand in the manufacture of metal cutting machines 

The best about the DMG MORI brand is that, in addition to being an international leader thanks to its innovation in metal cutting, it has the latest technology on the market in CNC machines for turning and milling with both 3, 5 and 6 axes.


Get to know the different types of DMG MORI lathes that you can find in our catalogue

Do you work in the automotive sector, medical technology or mechanical engineering? Whatever the manufacturing area of your company is, CNC lathes of the brand DMG MORI are essential for the manufacture of turned parts that require better precision and performance during the production process.

What advantages do DMG MORI lathes have over other brands? Let us tell you …

  • They stand out for their power and flexibility.
  • They are very easy to handle.
  • There are available different sizes, structures, and equipment.
  • You can configure and adjust them according to the demands that your business requires.
  • Production is fully automated and digitised.


Universal lathes

If you need an all-round turning machine in your workshop, without a doubt this type of lathes is what you are looking for. The most outstanding models are: NEF, CLX, CTX, NLX, y SL. 

And it is that they boast of having …

  • Spindle drives up to 12 080 NM to facilitate the highest performance in metal cutting.
  • A large turning diameter of up to 930mm, optimised chip drops and Magnescale measurement systems so you can achieve the most accurate results.
  • Counter-screws for full 6-sided processing.
  • Bigbore spindles that have a pitch of up to 375 millimeters.
  • Flat guides for optimal damping and fully dynamic stiffness.


Turning and milling series CTX, TC, NT, y NTX

Do you want a DMG MORI machine that allows you to turn and mill? Then these Turn & Mill are the type of machine you are looking for. And it is that these turning-milling machines have the possibility of processing complete pieces on all 6 faces. Awesome, isn’t it?


Vertical production lathe machines

These CTV lathe machines boast short chip-to-chip times and feature built-in automation that you can configure individually. In addition, they will allow you an efficient manufacture of CV joints thanks to its turning-milling oscillating connecting rod.

This makes this type of machinery ideal for the manufacture of components for propulsion and fluid technology, as well as hydraulics.


Lathes for horizontal production with revolver

This type of lathes are perfect for the mass production of both material in plate components and bars. They have up to 3 revolvers with 3 Y axes and 1 integrated B axis. They also have models of lathes with 3 revolvers without B axis, and with 2 revolvers.

If you are a crankshaft or camshaft manufacturer, the NZX-S and CTX beta 1250 CS series lathes are ideal for your factory.


Milling machines of the DMG MORI brand

Are you looking for a milling machine for universal machining of various unit quantities? If you need an industrial production for your workshop or high-level factory that is carried out with the best precision, the second-hand milling machines of the DMG MORI brand are the most suitable for your company.

What are the benefits of DMG MORI milling machines compared to other brands? Watch them out

  • There are different types of CNC milling machines available: vertical, universal, horizontal and 5-axis.
  • They have a unique monoBLOCK / duoBLOCK design
  • With spare parts and milling heads in vertical, A-axis, B-axis or angular formats.
  • They are very space saving.
  • They are compatible with work materials of all degrees of hardness.
  • Good accessibility and visibility of the work area.

What series and models of milling machines are available?

  • In vertical milling machines the series are DMC V, NVX, NV/NVD, i-Series y MILLTAP.
  • In horizontal milling machines the series are as follows: NHX, NH, i-Series, DMC H lineal.
  • And in 5-axis milling machines, the series are: CMX U, DMU, NMV, DMU monoBLOCK, DMC monoBLOCK, DMU eVO, HSC lineal, DMF, DMU duoBLOCK, DMC duoBLOCK, DMU Portal, DMC Portal, DMU Gantry.


Choose the second-hand DMG MORI model that suits the needs of your business

Do you have doubts and do not know which second-hand DMG MORI machine model is the one that best suits what you are looking for? Get in touch with us and we will help you with everything you need.

Remember that you also have the advice of 3axisgroup both for the installation and the operation of the machine for the one you choose.

Other models that might interest you:

DMG Mori ALX1500
DMG Mori ALX2000
DMG Mori ALX2500
DMG Mori CLX350
DMG Mori CLX450
DMG Mori CLX550
DMG Mori NEF400
DMG Mori CL2000BT
DMG Mori CMX1100V
DMG Mori CMX-1100V
DMG Mori CTV-250 linear
DMG Mori CTV250 linear
DMG Mori CTV250
DMG Mori CTV-250
DMG Mori Beta 1250
DMG Mori CTX Beta 800TC
DMG Mori CTX Gamma 3000 TC
DMG Mori NLX1500
DMG Mori NLX1500MC/500
DMG Mori NLX1500SMC/500
DMG Mori NLX1500SY/500
DMG Mori NLX1500Y/500
DMG Mori NLX2000
DMG Mori NLX2000MC/500
DMG Mori NLX2000SMC/500
DMG Mori NLX2000SY/500
DMG Mori NLX2000Y/500
DMG Mori NLX2500
DMG Mori NLX2500MC/500
DMG Mori NLX2500SMC/500
DMG Mori NLX2500SY/500
DMG Mori NLX2500Y/500
DMG Mori NLX2500MC/700
DMG Mori NLX2500SMC/700
DMG Mori NLX2500SY/700
DMG Mori NLX2500Y/700
DMG Mori NLX3000
DMG Mori NLX3000MC/500
DMG Mori NLX3000SMC/500
DMG Mori NLX3000SY/500
DMG Mori NLX3000Y/500
DMG Mori NLX3000MC/700
DMG Mori NLX3000SMC/700
DMG Mori NLX3000SY/700
DMG Mori NLX3000Y/700
DMG Mori NLX3000MC/1250
DMG Mori NLX3000SMC/1250
DMG Mori NLX3000SY/1250
DMG Mori NLX3000Y/1250
DMG Mori NLX4000
DMG Mori NLX4000AY/1500
DMG Mori NLX4000AY
DMG Mori NLX4000BY/750
DMG Mori NLX6000CY/200
DMG Mori NT1000
DMG Mori NT2000
DMG Mori NT4200
DMG Mori NT4200DCG
DMG Mori NT4250DCG
DMG Mori NT4300DCG
DMG Mori NT5400DCG
DMG Mori NT6600DCG
DMG Mori NT4200
DMG Mori NT4250
DMG Mori NT4300
DMG Mori NT5400
DMG Mori NT6600
DMG Mori NRX2000
DMG Mori NTX1000
DMG Mori NTX2000
DMG Mori NTX2000/1500SZM
DMG Mori NZX7000
DMG Mori NZX1500
DMG Mori NZX1000
DMG Mori NZX2000
DMG Mori SL403
DMG Mori SL-403
DMG Mori SL-603
DMG Mori SL603D
DMG Mori SL65
DMG Mori DMC125
DMG Mori DMC-125 FD duoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC 125U duoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC-125U duoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC-160U duoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC210U
DMG Mori DMC65 monoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC-65 monoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC-80 duoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC85 monoBLOCk
DMG Mori DMC-85 monoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMC65
DMG Mori DMC-65
DMG Mori DMC80
DMG Mori DMC1035V Eco
DMG Mori DMC-1035
DMG Mori DMF180
DMG Mori DMF-180
DMG Mori DMF260
DMG Mori DMU100P
DMG Mori DMU105
DMG Mori DMU105 monoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMU125 monoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMU125 duoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMU-125
DMG Mori DMU200G
DMG Mori DMU210P
DMG Mori DMU340 Gantry
DMG Mori DMU40 evo
DMG Mori DMU50
DMG Mori DMU-50
DMG Mori DMU60
DMG Mori DMU75
DMG Mori DMU75 monoBLOCK
DMG Mori DMU90
DMG Mori DMU95
DMG Mori MillTap 700
DMG Mori MillTap 700 5AX
DMG Mori MV40
DMG Mori MV40B
DMG Mori NMV1500
DMG Mori NMV5000
DMG Mori NVX5100
DMG Mori NVX5100/50
DMG Mori NVX7000
DMG Mori NVX7000/50
DMG Mori Ultrasonic 65
DMG Mori Ultrasonic 60
DMG Mori Ultrasonic 20
DMG Mori CTV160
DMG Mori CTV250
DMG Mori CTV315
DMG Mori NHX4000
DMG Mori NHX-4000
DMG Mori NHX 4000
DMG Mori NHX5000
DMG Mori NHX-5000
DMG Mori NHX 5000
DMG Mori NHX6300
DMG Mori NHX-6300
DMG Mori NHX 6300