Services for buying and selling your goods and equipment

We have at your disposal different services for buying and selling your goods and equipment. As in sales, in a purchase operation we can perform all kinds of tasks.

We will carry out a preliminary evaluation and then we will be able to offer you all the tools at our disposal, for a perfect and exclusive advice for all our clients.


Dismantling of machines at source. Own technical service, with professionals from the leading European brands with more than 25 years of experience. Assembly at destination, with the possibility of turnkey.


Our specialists carefully prepare the shipment with renowned transport service providers.


We offer you the possibility to realise other payment methods, with preferential treatment, guaranteed through collaborating companies.


  • We carry out from the purchase of unit machines, which are no longer necessary in their production process, to the complete set of companies.

Asset evaluation

  • As far as requested, we will assess in a fair and objective way the goods you want to dispose of, elaborating exact report in each case.


  • Our wide positioning in the market, working with great strength throughout the European continent, opens the doors to markets on other continents such as Asia, America and Africa.
    We have experience in large operations on all continents, always with absolute success, promoting and obtaining great opportunities in the purchase and sale of equipment.


We have at your disposal a list of collaborating companies with which it will be easier to contract this type of service. You can request specific information in the following email: