How much does second-hand industrial machinery cost?

How much does second-hand industrial machinery cost?

As we have mentioned in previous posts, buying second hand machinery has numerous advantages. However, today we will focus on one of those advantages: price.

When looking for a machine there are different characteristics that are very important, such as brand and model, number of axes, type of CNC control, etc. But we must admit that the price is one of the most important aspects because we have a budget to adhere to and a profitability to get out of the machine. However, to take advantage of the secondhand market you must work with a reliable partner and a specialized company.

So, if you are thinking of starting a project or renewing your CNC machining line, this post will interest you!

Advantages of Buying Used Machinery

If you are familiar with the industrial market, you will know that this type of product has a significant cost, due to the technology and volume of certain machines. But, in buying second-hand machinery you can get real opportunities, machines with important discounts and that have almost all their useful life.

In addition, buying second-hand machinery gives you some advantages that you may not have thought of.

  • Sometimes when buying the machine, very useful tools and accessories are included for use with it. Either to perform maintenance tasks or to check the workpiece.
  • Also, delivery times of a second-hand machine are much shorter than those of new machinery. This provides a solution to many companies that cannot stop their activity for weeks, months or even years until they receive the new machine.

At the time of making a purchase of these characteristics it is important that you make it with qualified companies in the sector, with years of experience. Only in this way you can be sure that the machine you are going to buy is in good condition and the price offered is in line with the market.

At 3Axis Group GmbH we work with machines of leading brands, we work safely in the purchase and sale of machines for the metal industry. Here are the principal advantages of buying used machinery with us:

  • The wait from the time you close the deal until you get the machine is very short.This is because the machines offered are in stock.
  • More Flexibility: We adapt to you. We will coordinate the delivery and if necessary the installation on the date you want.

What is the price of second-hand industrial machinery?

It’s important to keep in mind that there are no standard prices that can be applied to different projects involving the purchase of a CNC machinery. This is because there are different factors that directly affect the price and therefore make the investment you had in mind cheaper or more expensive.

Some of the most relevant elements when establishing a price are:

  • Size of the machine (X/Y/Z travel).
  • Speed (max rpm, tool change times).
  • Country of manufacture (Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan).
  • Extra equipment (coolant pressure, automatic tool changer, chip conveyor, robotic part loader, bar feeder, etc.).

In short, what is clear is that thanks to the second-hand market you can find certain machines with very attractive discounts.

As you have seen, it is difficult to give an exact answer to the price of second-hand machinery because there are many points to consider in an investment of this kind. However, we invite you to discover our machines in our Marketplace and request a free quote for the machine of your choice. If you don’t know which is the one that best fits your needs, you can contact us and our team will help you!

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