Steps to sell industrial machinery

Do you know how to sell your industrial machinery? It is very important that you have previous knowledge of the industrial second-hand market. Because second-hand machines depreciate considerably, even if they work almost as good as a new one.

In this post we explain you step by step how to sell your second hand industrial machine, take note!

Steps to sell industrial machinery

First, whether you are selling your industrial machine due to business closure or production line replacement, the following aspects must be taken into consideration:

  • What type of machine is it? For example, is it a lathe or a milling machine? Is it 5-axis?
  • Year of manufacture
  • Condition of the machine

In addition, the running time will be valued. This will be considered a determining factor depending on the machine and the industry where it will be used.

The used machinery market is very competitive, which is why many companies choose to buy second-hand machinery to achieve high production standards at an economical price. You may be wondering, then how much money can I get back.

We recommend you to be realistic in establishing the percentage of return on investment you want to obtain. However, at 3Axis Group we always carry out a previous study of the market so that you know the real prices.

Here is how to sell your machine with 3Axis Group in 3 easy steps.

STEP 1: Evaluation and appraisal of the machine

In order to make a real valuation we will go to your facilities. In this way, we will have all the details to perform an appraisal in line with market prices.

At 3Axis Group we are specialists in the purchase and sale of used industrial machinery. Specifically, experts in machinery for metal machining.

Our years of experience in the sector and our direct contact with the main manufacturing companies give us a real vision of the used machinery market. Also, our experience in the sector has provided us to count with a potential customer base looking for 100% reliable second-hand machines.

STEP 2: Different options to sell your industrial machine

Once the market study is done, you know the real prices and we have made the appraisal, we will choose the service that best suits your needs.

  • Addition of the machine to our stock. Once an agreement is reached, we will take care of the disassembly in your facilities and transportation.
  • We manage the sales process for you. This means that you can focus all your resources on the most important thing, your business!

The idea of this last point is that you do not waste your time looking for potential buyers, rejecting offers from nosy people and that you can continue to have the machine at your disposal until the final moment. That is, until it is transported to the new owner’s facilities.

Imagine what you could achieve by accessing buyers from different parts of the world. With 3Axis Group you will not have to limit yourself to companies close to your business because we have our own warehouses in Spain and Germany, as well as other warehouses throughout Europe.

At 3Axis Group we offer solutions to make the sale process easy and fast, avoiding loss of time and resources for your business. Also, to guarantee your peace of mind, we will draft a standard contract to avoid bureaucratic problems. We know how important it is for the seller and the buyer that the process is totally transparent and secure.

STEP 3: Sell your used machine!

Now that you know all the steps and you know how to sell your industrial machinery. The next step consists in:

How do you provide us with the information of the machine you no longer want?

Just send your personal information and the information of the machine you want to sell so that we can start the process. Write to us at or call +49 160 96787736.

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