The different types of metalworking lathes

The different types of metalworking lathes

Do you know the different types of metalworking lathes? As specialists in the field of CNC machinery we know that the metalworking industry needs specific tools to facilitate and improve the process. That is why in metalworking shops it is necessary to have a range of tools and equipment for molding, cutting, processing, and shaping parts.

But what are the most commonly used machines in the metalworking industry? We can say that there are 5 types of machines that are characteristic of this industry: machining centers, lathes, milling machines, deformation machines and cutting machines.

And what is the best option? It will depend on the project, material to be used, etc. Today we tell you all about one of the options, metalworking lathes.

What Is a Metalworking Lathe?

In the end, it’s still a CNC lathe but it has been initially designed for a precision machining of metals. They can manipulate and deform without any problem, workpieces made of steel, iron, aluminum and other common metals.

Therefore, as in the rest of the CNC lathes, metalworking lathes are used to perform a variety of machining processes, including cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling and turning. Also, the technique used for processing is the same as in CNC lathes.

Discover the different types of metalworking lathes

There are three types of CNC lathes that are commonly used in workshops:

  • The vertical lathe, designed to work with high volume tools. It has square guides for cutting and a digital controller.
  • The slant bed lathe, which gives greater rigidity, precision and durability to the function it performs, whether it is drilling, milling or turning. It also has a digital controller.
  • The flat bed lathe.

If you are thinking of adding any of these machines to your workshop, do not hesitate to visit our Marketplace and if you do not know which one fits best, write in the chat and the advisor in your area will help you find out.

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