What is a cnc lathe?

What is a cnc lathe

You probably already know what a conventional lathe is. However, do you know what a CNC lathe is? It’s a machine tool designed to manufacture parts fully automatically. It’s as simple as that.

The design of a CNC lathe is very different from the conventional lathe, although its basic work is the same. A CNC lathe is a complex and precise machine tool that allows work to be carried out in the form of serial production.

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We tell you what is a cnc lathe and what does it do

As mentioned above, CNC lathes can do all the jobs that are normally done by different conventional lathes such as parallel, copying, revolver, etc. This is why this type of machine has important advantages over conventional lathes.

  • They offer greater precision in the machining process.
  • They allow machining complex parts with precision and in reduced times.
  • They allow different machining operations thanks to the automatic tool change.

In addition, CNC lathes allow you to adjust the work of the tools by changing their mode of operation to suit the work to be done, the type of material or the precision of the final finish.

  • Cutting speed and workpiece rotation speed adjustment. Both settings allow to improve machining times and to adapt to the type of material to be machined.
  • Feed rate or penetration speed of the tool. It’s a difficult calculation but adjustable in cutting accuracy.
  • Depth of pass. This is the maximum penetration that the tool must make on the part. It is a characteristic of the part design and is limited by the size of the tool or the power of the lathe.

But and how it performs the machining of the workpiece? Based on the parameters of the control program. Through this program we configure:

  • The movement of work tools.
  • Workpiece movement.
  • Rotational speed of the workpiece.

What is a cnc lathe used for?

In general, CNC lathes are designed for mass production of parts or large production runs. These machines work complex parts in different materials, regardless of size. CNC lathes allow you to drill, turn, mill, cut among other tasks characteristic of the industry.

In addition, you should keep in mind that there are different types of CNC lathes, each one is more suitable for a different type of work.

  • Vertical CNC lathes: It is designed to work heavy and large parts. More importantly, vertical lathes can be used for turning large and heavy diameter objects that are relatively short. Workpieces can include parts such as large wheels or discs, large bearings, aerospace parts, heavy castings and many more.
  • Horizontal CNC lathe: It is a good choice especially for machining cylindrical shaped parts.

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