How to program cnc lathe?

How to program cnc lathe

CNC programming is a type of computer coding with an alphanumeric language that allows precise commands to be given to machines and tools so that step by step they perform the work automatically on the workpiece.

Believe it or not, CNC programming has been implemented in machine tools for decades. A CNC program consists of a set of instructions correctly ordered in the body of the program, thus providing the CNC with all the necessary information for machining the part.

In today’s article, due to the complexity and time it takes to master the programming and operation of a CNC machine, we will look at a few points without going into detail. Discover how to program cnc lathe in this post.

How hard is it to program a CNC lathe?

The person in charge of programming, designing and optimizing the CNC software to ensure that the machining runs correctly is the CNC programmer.

The CNC programmer must have knowledge of the programming languages used on these types of machines, such as G, F and M codes. In addition, they must have some experience with CAD-AutoCad, CAM-Powermill, Fusion 360 software, among others.

The most common language used to run CNC machines is G-code. These codes are divided into groups and each group is used for a specific thing. Here are some of them:

  • Group 00: Non-modal functions.
  • Group 01: Order point-to-point movements of the machine axes.
  • Group 02: Work plane selection.
  • Group 03: Distance command functions.
  • Group 06: Unit type.
  • Group 08: Tool length compensation.

The CNC programmer is also responsible for optimizing the operation of CNC machines for processing time and the preparation and set-up of CNC machines and manipulators for machining.

As you can see, it is not an easy task to master!

CNC lathe program examples

Finally, we show you part of the code used with a FANUC 32iT CNC controller when machining a part where a cone turning is performed.


N10 G40 G00

N20 G99

N30 M5

N40 M9

N50 T0101

N60 G97 S1000

N70 (set new zero point ‘G54’: X0. Z251.)

N80 T0505

N90 G50 S3500

N100 G96 S0240 M4

N110 G00 X92. Z0.

N120 G01 X-2. F0.15 M7

N130 G00 X90. Z2.

N140 G00 Z2.5

N150 G00 X84

We hope that if you have not been encouraged to start in the world of CNC programming, you will want to know the different CNC machines that we have in our Marketplace.

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