What is a vertical milling machine?

What is a vertical milling machine?

The vertical milling machine is one of the most appropriate and fascinating tools for those who are passionate about manufacturing, machining and processing metals and their features. If you, like us, are passionate about the industrial world, you will love this post! We will talk about the functionalities of this machine tool, its advantages and much more.

So, let’s start with the most important thing, what is a vertical milling machine? Is a machine tool that removes metal from a workpiece through a rotating tool, called a milling cutter, a rotating part with several hard metal teeth, lips or plates.

In this type of machine, the spindle is oriented perpendicular to the table, ideal for facilitating stepped or staggered machining to create different parts in a mechanized way, making straight grooves, shaped grooves or cavities. The vertical milling machine is used for processing flat surfaces, making grooves, fillets, cogwheels, mortises or decorations. In addition, these machines can process different materials such as wood, metal, tiles or even plastic.

Although there are several types of machining with different utilities that can be adjusted to your needs, the vertical milling machine is an exceptional machine if you are in the metalworking industry.

We tell you what a vertical milling machine is

After answering the question what is a vertical milling machine? We will explain the two types of vertical milling machines that exist: fixed-bench and turret milling machines.

  • The fixed-bench vertical milling machine is composed of a single part, the bench, which supports the worktable so that it can move perpendicularly in relation to the spindle, which moves parallel to its own axis. Due to the arrangement of its spindle, this type of milling machine is suitable for grooving and slotting, of considerable depth in long-term jobs.
  • As for the vertical turret milling machine, its most interesting feature is that the spindle does not move during the cutting or machining of the workpiece. The table has longitudinal and perpendicular movement in relation to the spindle.

Although at first you may not think so, the vertical milling machine is an easy to process tool. Without a doubt, it is very easy to use even for an inexperienced operator who may be working with several machines at the same time. This type of machine reduces operator fatigue and provides greater safety for the operator, an example of simplicity and reliability.

What is a vertical milling machine used for?

In this machine tool the milling cutter is used for roughing materials, these cylindrical tools use the cutting edges to cut the parts or products to be manufactured. According to this principle, virtually any design can be manufactured, provided that the machine can use the required tools and can move the parts to be manufactured in all the necessary axes.

Due to technological advances, the vertical metal milling machine has become a very versatile tool for companies dedicated to metalworking, since it provides great flexibility for the manufacture of industrial parts. Computer numerical control (CNC) allows any design to be considered.

The development of these machines has helped to create new milling options and improve the quality of each operation performed. Vertical milling machine is excellent for achieving greater precision, uniformity and quality in the products produced. Its simplicity makes it possible to change designs or models flexibly in a very short period of time, making it possible to satisfy urgent orders quickly. Undoubtedly a perfect machine to incorporate in any company.

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